simple finances, automatic results

What is Changejar?

Changejar is a financial management assistant for your smartphone, the first of its kind. Its purpose is to balance your income and lifestyle choices ensuring the maximum return on every dollar you spend or earn.

Does it cost? 

Initially, we are a free app. But to continue expanding our benefits to our user base at some point when the benefits outweigh a simple and modest pay structure we will charge.

What can I expect from the app?

Financial simplicity that includes a defined and mathematical answer to your debts, goals, and financial ecosystem.  Our intent is to provide users with a real plan of action to meet and exceed their financial goals without adding stress or fuss.


Users who are Conquering debt from a smartphone 

Alpha is a hardworking recent college grad with good income but a healthy appetite for fun. Alpha's goals are to pay down student debt, save for and purchase a new car. Alpha worries about credit scores but has no knowledge on how to improve. 

Beta just received the first paycheck of many!  Beta's parents want to make sure they help set realistic savings and spending goals. Educating Beta on money finances is important, and Beta wants to learn about how to prioritize money and budgets accordingly. 

Charlie and Delta have 2 wonderful kids a newly purchased home and are looking to remove the stress from managing finances.  As they review monthly finances, they argue about missed windows of opportunity and are exhausted from the toil and stress of monthly budgets that fail, routines that don't work or spousal miscommunication.  Their goals include paying off several store credit cards, replacing an aging car, and setting aside a rainy day fund. 

After retiring, Marco decided a fixed income would be a wonderful blessing.  Marco is finding it harder and harder to maintain quality of retirement and a "can do" grandparent attitude. Marco is close to owning his home and would like to see that completed soon. Marco is focused on saving for the grandkid's college fund, while not depleting his 401k too fast.

Omega is a business owner. Having several different lending accounts, properties mortgaged, and a personal expense AMEX, Omega is living the life.  His goals are to see a sizable decrease in overages and fees on his cards and expense accounts--while also working towards liquidity of his properties.