Photo by Veni/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Veni/iStock / Getty Images

Why Sacramento and not Silicon Valley?

  • We like it here! Grew up here! Our family is here! Our history is here!
  • Going through the development process we found that there are a lot of difficulties in Silicon Valley that we could avoid in Sacramento.  
  • We started this project knowing that we were planting a flag in places not already occupied in the "FinTech" services sector. Along the way we asked ourselves the same question about where we should be headquartered. Why would we want to go where there are hundreds of companies already jostling for acknowledgement? We have a state capital in our backyard that would probably love to have some local boys call it their home.
  • Back to #1. We like it here. If this thing is going to be as big as we think it is, why not create jobs here and help make our area better in the process?
  • There‚Äôs really nothing that Silicon Valley can give us other than high costs & overhead. Would you trust someone who made that kind of financial decision?