Minimum v. Changejar

Have you ever tried to lose 5 or 10 lbs. in a single workout session, never works, right? All you have, and after words, is a ton of pain (depending on age) and regret for huffing and puffing too much. The visible result is almost always non-existent.  

Your finances work somewhat in line with losing weight. Changejar helps you make small and steady payments to your lifestyle needs on a daily frequency.  Similar to a weight management plan or a gym membership that is directly tied to results-our goal is to reduce debt, increase cash flow, and eliminate financial stress. 


Because our app has the ability to individualize how much each user can afford towards balancing lifestyle and income and adjust based on user feedback/results. Our users after a 20 day financial period (1 month) usually see dramatic results in spending awareness, debt consolidation or large growths in saving for a specific need/desire. Over a protracted period of time Changejar is capable of success usually in orders of magnitude greater then the average person at accomplishing lifestyle goals or choices. This affects each user's wallet and bottom line in a rather positive way. 

Compound interest


AGgregate Interest

Compound interest is a principle most are familiar with. It is the gains or losses made depending on whether you are saving or spending on top of simple interest. 

Aggregate interest is the combination of several gains or losses of daily interest summarized together against a source of profits. See the example on the right, Mike owes on a car, loan and house.  Individually they each collect, a range of .35 cents to $22 in Simple interest a day. His daily amount is $55.  When added together, the interest collected is closing in fast on that $55. THAT is aggregate interest. 


Expanding on the earlier mention of Financial Drift, Changejar creates consistency over time by exposing what we routinely "forget" or misplace when it comes to expenditures. The ability to tackle this routinely and systematically dramatically changes how confident we are with our management of finances amongst our lifestyle of choice. The green bars represent the affects the app Changejar has on our users balancing lifestyle with confidence over a 90 day period.  Most have a suprising amount of less stress and tend to have achieved a level of awareness associated with their finances. Decisions come easier relative to purchases and debt heavy options are utilized less.