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At some point we decided that excel was not going to make our customers go "WoW". 

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User-Driven plans

Your plan is more efficient than any plan that any other person could or would create. We provide the building blocks for this plan in which you will see a change in how your income balances with your lifestyle.

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Daily Amount AVAILABLE

This is our method to answer the question “how much am I worth each day?” Our method accounts for every single lifestyle choice that financially impacts your worth, and with our in-house financial drift algorithm, it reveals your personal daily cash~flow

  Financial Drift

Coffee Break "EXPLAINING Financial Drift"

This bell graph represents the breadth and accuracy with which people recall their own finances. It’s shaped like a bell curve because most of us know with some accuracy, what our finances look like and what we spend on things. But there are still times where we end up adjusting up or down because we don’t recall all with 100% accuracy, and with different reasons each time. The outlier areas represent the margin of error in our own mental accounting.


For instance, I bought coffee this morning. Hours later if you asked how much I spent on it, I wouldn’t remember the exact total. I may round up so that my internal accounting doesn’t overdraw if I keep this pace. I may round down so I feel better about spending that much on coffee. Point is, I don’t recall with 100% accuracy what I spent unless I also spend a lot of time thinking about it.


I’ll place my best guess at $4. Looking at my receipt I see that it was actually $4.43. My $4 guess is my knowledge and financial accuracy that lies between the two red areas. It’s pretty close and accounts for the majority of the actual total. The 43 cents I was short in my estimate is represented in the part of the graph that lies to the outside of the green lines.


When people do their finances, they usually operate within the blue area, and it is not a complete picture. Whatever is outside of those lines is now a dangerous variable that could compound and come back with a vengeance, often at the worst times.


What we have is a variable called 'Financial Drift' that allows for these types of “adjustments” to happen, while also still helping factor them back into our mental calculations.